Guidelines for Special Committees of Council

Kentish Council has developed manual to guide the functions of Special Committees, Controlling Authorities and other Council Committees as directed by the Kentish Council. It aims to provide clarity to the roles individuals play on a committee, the responsibilities of positions held, meeting procedures, facility management and guidance on other relevant matters.

Council committees should be viewed as an extension of Council operations, and as such rules apply.  It is imperative that Council committees follow the guidelines as Kentish Council is required to report on their functions as part of annual audits.

For further information on anything contained in this manual, please contact Council on 6491 2500.


Quick Use Guide

Guidelines for Special Committee's, Controlling Authorities and Council Committees

Volunteer Registration Form

Kentish Council Facility Inspection Record

Reserve/Sports Ground Pre Activity Inspection

Code of Conduct

Application for Facility Hire

Incident Report Form

Declaration of Interest


AgendaTemplate                              Agenda Template

Minutes Template                            Minutes Template

Risk Management Plan                    Risk Management Plan

Kentish Event Management Guide


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