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The Kentish Mural Park is located at Pioneer Crescent in Sheffield and is an initiative of the MuralFEST committee in conjunction with the Kentish Council.


Each year, nine artists compete in a public ‘paint off’ from Easter Sunday to the following Saturday. Each artist must complete a 2100mm x 4800mm mural, using the same poem as their mural’s central theme and inspiration. Each year a new poem is selected, meaning no two Mural Fests are ever the same.

The webcam can be accesses directly at or Mural Camera

This webcam provides a LIVE feed of the 9 murals featured in the mural park.  During the MuralFEST festival you can observe progress on each mural and watch the artists as they prepare their masterpiece.

You can select a particular mural from the dropdown menu.  You can capture a snapshot by clicking on the camera icon.

If you really want to experience these murals and many many more you can visit the park 365 days of the year.


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