Rural Health Tasmania Announces Kentish Health Services

Health service provider Rural Health Tasmania has announced the range of services it will deliver to Kentish residents under funding from Primary Health Tasmania.

Rural Health Tasmania to provide Rural Primary Health Services to Kentish

 Rural Health Tasmania Inc. will provide Rural Primary Health Services to Kentish. Chief Executive Officer, Robert Waterman said he is pleased to announce that Rural Health Tasmania has successfully negotiated with Primary Health Tasmania to expand our health services to include Kentish and that Rural Health Tasmania will now provide rural primary health services to five municipalities in North West Tasmania as part of the new rural primary health program funded through the Australian government.  

These municipalities include Circular Head, King Island, West Coast, Waratah/Wynyard and Kentish. People with chronic conditions living these municipal areas will be able to access services from the locally-based health service provider with services in Kentish already being provided.

Announcing their successful tender, Rural Health Tasmania CEO Robert Waterman said the organisation - which has been providing rural primary health services in the region since 2001, was committed to improving the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians living in rural communities. 

“Whilst there was previously some uncertainty surrounding the Kentish service, I am pleased to be able now state that this has been resolved and we look forward to supporting the health and wellbeing of the Kentish community. We have a highly dedicated professional team of clinicians who are committed to providing the most appropriate care to people affected by or at risk of chronic disease,” Mr Waterman said.

“Rural Health Tasmania will be focused on improving the health outcomes of people with mental illness, cancer, circulatory and respiratory diseases (such as heart disease and lung disease) and musculoskeletal conditions including arthritis.”

Mr Waterman said the Kentish service will maintain Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, the women’s health clinic and will also be providing additional services with the inclusion of a mental health clinician and a registered nurse. Services are directed at reducing the severity of patients’ symptoms and the need for them to be admitted to hospital due to complications.

“Our service model is an integrated, coordinated stepped care service model that ensures that people with or at risk of chronic conditions receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Mr Waterman said Rural Health Tasmania will also work closely with Tasmanian Health Service, Cancer Council and Diabetes Tasmania to support people with or at risk of developing chronic conditions including Type 2 diabetes.

Primary Health Tasmania has maintained strong consultation with Rural Health Tasmania and we have worked tirelessly to develop an evidence based service that supports the health and wellbeing of the Kentish community.  We have maintained our focus and commitment in preparing and developing our service model to respond to the changing health needs of rural communities across the north west of Tasmania and I am pleased to announce this now includes Kentish,” Mr Waterman said.

He said people deserve health services that are responsive, accessible, safe and culturally appropriate as well as being patient-centred and outcomes focused.

“People need and are entitled to have confidence in a rural primary health service that listens to the patient and includes them in discussions about their care and treatment, a health service that is committed to providing quality health outcomes for Tasmanians,” he said.

Rural Health Tasmania will continue to facilitate the transition of patients under the previous rural primary health program and we are already providing services in Kentish Mr Waterman said.

Mr Waterman said these services have been adjusted to address the requirement for the delivery of health outcomes for people living with chronic conditions. There will be little noticeable difference for people accessing the service in Kentish other than perhaps some additional staff and some new services such as mental health services, clinicians and the registered nurse. MR Waterman said he wanted to reassure the Kentish community that they will be able to continue to access the health service without interruption and that Rural Health Tasmania staff are looking forward to working closely with the community to further develop the health service.

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