2018/19 Budget Submissions Invitation

2018/19 Budget Submissions Invitation

Each year, Council is faced with the task of assessing and prioritising the many worthwhile projects that have been identified within the community. Members of the Kentish community are invited to lodge submissions for consideration

Council lists each project, assesses it against a common set of objective criteria and prioritises the project with a view to scheduling projects over Council's long-term planning period - currently ten years.

Submissions should include sufficient detail to enable Council to understand:

  • The location and scope of the project
  • The estimated cost of the project
  • The perceived benefits of the project including any risk/safety issues, social/community impact and environmental impacts.
  • Any other relevant information to enable Council to make an informed decision.


If you would like to submit a project for consideration in Council's capital works program, or 2018/19 operating budget, then please lodge your submission marked "2018/19 Budget Submission" with Council by Friday 2 February 2018.


Submissions can be lodged by mail to:

Corporate Services and Finance Manager
Kentish Council
PO Box 63

or by e-mail to: council@kentish.tas.gov.au

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