Dog Registration

Dogs and cats are great companion animals, but owning one means you have particular responsibilities, both to your pet and also to the general public.

We must remember not everyone likes cats and dogs, in fact many people dislike them. Therefore, to ensure they are not a nuisance to the community and other animals, owners are required to make sure that they comply with Councils Dog Management Policy and the Dog Control Act 2000 (an up to date copy of the Dog Control Act 2000 can be obtained from

Please remember whilst walking your dog in public, they must remain on a lead at all times and to pick up any droppings that your dog is responsible for.

Dog owners are advised to become familiar with 'off leash exercise area' boundaries and 'prohibited areas'.


Kentish dog registration fees for 2017-18

Dog Registration Fees 2017-18

Dog Registration Fees 2017-18(76 kb)

Dog registration Form for 2017-18

Dog Registration Form 2017-18(411 kb)



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