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Tim Wilson

Deputy Mayor's Message April 15 2014

It's been a big week for Sheffield. A small town has just won a huge award. Sheffield is now officially the Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Town winner for 2014. The community greeted the news with surprise and for many pride. This is not a Council award but a community one. Without the dynamic community groups and the successful medical centre this award would not have been won.

Kentish also won an award for waste and resource recovery.  The Hub played an important role in winning this award. The Hub is in fact a hub for Sheffield and surrounds. It is very well supported by the Kentish community and donates thousands of dollars to community projects each year. A brilliant model. My kids love it too!

Of special mention at the awards was the Home Energy Kits. You can borrow these kits for free from Council. The kits are great for finding out the actual cost of running appliances. Plug your fridge into the kit and see how economical it really is. These kits will help save you money. Call in to Kentish Council to borrow one. 

Council has its monthly meeting tonight  at the Council Chambers. We welcome ratepayers to attend. There is always a public question time available if you would like to use the opportunity.

Deputy  Mayor Tim Wilson

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