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 Mayor Don Thwaites

Mayor's Message 28 March 2017

At last week’s Australian Road Safety Awards Councillor Penny Lane received a national encouragement award on behalf of the Community Road Safety Committee for Kentish and Latrobe.  for its Factor the Tractor project. In early 2016, the committee used a combination of radio advertising, printed materials and a variable message sign to raise awareness about the need to ‘factor the tractor’ on rural roads and drive safely.  Congratulations to the committee on receiving acknowledgement in a national sphere for their work.  This program is just one part of their broad scope.

Council holds regular community information meetings around the municipal area to discuss local issues.  Over the coming week there will be meetings in Wilmot and Railton.  Wilmot is tomorrow night at the Memorial Hall, and Railton is next Monday at the Kings Hall.  Inspector Stuart Wilkinson and Sergeant Anthea Maingay of Tasmania Police will be attending the Railton meeting to discuss Policing services in Railton.  Both meetings commence at 7pm. All welcome.

The threat of flooding in Railton is ever present in Council’s thinking, and we continue to seek funding to reduce the threat.  While water levels are low in Redwater Creek we will be doing some works between Kimberley Rd and King St and around The Esplanade to improve high volume flows using in part the donated funds from West Tamar Council.  One of the risks that has been identified is the Railway Bridge by the hotel as the opening under it is not large enough to let the flooding river flow unimpeded, causing backing up of all waters upstream, including Foster St drains.  Council will meet TasRail engineers on site in an attempt to persuade them to upgrade the bridge.

Don Thwaites, Mayor

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