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Mayor's Message 17 July 2018

Parts of Kentish were hit with wild winds last weekend leaving many trees down, power lines down and roads blocked.  I wish to thank the Council works crews for the long hours they put in, with work clearing roads late into Sunday night and starting again around 4am on Monday morning.  

The Tasmanian Economic Regulator has been investigating Council’s RV and camping sites following a complaint that we have contravened competitive neutrality principles.  The complaint extends to free camp sites on both sides of Lake Barrington, the CMCA camp and the free RV site in Railton and the low cost RV sites in Sheffield and O’Neills Creek.  The Regulator has found that except for the CMCA area, Council has not applied full cost attribution in determining fees for these campsites.  Council has been given 30 days to review the decision and provide the regulator with a response.

There is a Council meeting tonight at the Council offices in Sheffield commencing at 6.30pm.  This will be the fourth last meeting of this Council before elections in October, with a new Council commencing in November. The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) have some very helpful information for potential candidates.  I can recommend to anyone considering standing to look at find out more about it. Local Government in Kentish is an exciting place, and is making opportunities to further the local economy and amenity of our community.  The next Council will open the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike tracks, new Sheffield Recreation Centre change-rooms, streetscape works at Wilmot and Sheffield, and hopefully flood-proof Railton.  And depending on Planning possibly a new road into Lorinna and new visitor Centre at Cradle.  Exciting times ahead.

 Don Thwaites, Mayor

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