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Mayor's Message March 31 2015

We are approaching another peak visitor time for Kentish with the commencement of Mural Fest on Easter Sunday.  Visiting Sheffield for the opening is well known mining magnate turned politician Clive Palmer, who will open the event and no doubt entertain us in Mural Park around midday Sunday.  The mural artists, who come from near and far, will commence their weeks painting and the fantastic organising committee and the many volunteers will really be put under pressure with all the visitors. 

Also being kept busy are the volunteers at Wilmot for the visual art competition.  Entries are on display until 30th April at the Wilmot Youth Group building at the cricket and recreation ground. And at the Sheffield Working Art Space in Albert St the Sculpture Competition is on display until April 12th.

The artists at the Working Art Space especially Lindsay Gardam, Jane Lemon and Nita Pountney are working on finishing the mosaic pathway off before the Taste of the North West on 11th April.  The pathway is truly beautiful and will really raise the profile of the park.  The names of all of those who were buried in the cemetery before it was turned into the park are being displayed as part of the design – a great addition to the heritage of the town. 

During Mural Fest each day from 11am to 4pm the Redwater Creek Railway will be running the steam train.  Also see the really tiny trains at the Redwater Creek Model Railway from 10 am – 4pm on Sunday 5th April.

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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