Mayor's message

 Mayor Don Thwaites

Mayor's Message March 3 2015

It was wonderful to see the newly completed Kentish SES truck at the launch by Rene Hidding MP last weekend.  The SES volunteers toiled for many hundreds of hours to fit out, assemble, modify, connect and paint and the result is a beautifully prepared and set up unit that is capable of helping save lives in our community at times of need.  Their efforts saved many dollars and brought about the upgrade years before it was due.  Many thanks to The Hub for their donation of $20,000 that started the ball rolling, and the many other contributions that allowed it to be complete, including the bull bar from the Lions Club.  Thank you to all the volunteers who worked on the truck and those who sponsored it.

Next Tuesday 10/3 at 7pm Council will hold a Community Information evening at the Lower Barrington Hall to discuss Council matters in that area.  The meetings are held every six months and are a great method of improving communications between ratepayers and Council.  All are welcome.

As I write all the state entrants for this year’s National Tidy Town Award are looking over Sheffield and meeting some of the people who helped us win that coveted award last year.  The award has been a great affirmation that together a group of mainly volunteers can turn a town into a sustainable vibrant community.  It has been a great learning exercise so I wish a big thank you to all who helped win the award.

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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