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Mayor's Message 25 August 2015

At the Council meeting last week, four NBN fixed wireless towers received planning approval from Council.  There was opposition from local residents to all of the towers based height with one being 60metres high, or Radio Frequency radiation (Electro Magnetic Energy or EME) concerns.  The EME from the towers is stated to be many thousands of times lower than what comes out of a mobile phone handset, but it is very hard to prove to anyone that the science behind the technology really is as safe as is claimed.  However Councillors passed the proposals but we believe NBN via a less invasive technology would have been more wholeheartedly supported.  Another three towers are planned, being in Sheffield, Railton and Sunnyside.  NBN advise they are in the planning process and Council has requested a community meeting to discuss these proposals as soon as possible.

Also at the meeting Council approved tenders for replacement of the old timber bridges on Beulah Road, and Patawolonga Road.  The two new bridges will be concrete as they are longer lasting and work out cheaper in the long run. 

Tonight is the Sheffield Community meeting at 7pm in the Sheffield Town Hall.  On the agenda are updates on the Planning system, the Recreation grounds area, Mountain Biking and Health Needs study.  Also an art strategy for Kentish, NBN, emergency management also anything the community wish to bring up.  All welcome.

Congratulations to the Railton Football club for their exciting grand final win last weekend.  Great effort.

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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