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Mayor's Message 26 May 2015

Council agreed at its meeting last week to take the first step towards all residents with a kerbside waste collection moving to have a third bin.  This bin would be for garden greenwaste and for kitchen and left over food waste.  All North West Coast Councils will join in on the project if it goes ahead.  The main benefit of the project is a reduction of organic materials going to landfill which end up giving off large amounts of greenhouse gas.  Another benefit is that your ordinary garbage bin will be a lot cleaner.  Most Councils in other districts have had this service for many years so it is nothing new.  The waste would be composted, and this would happen alongside the composting that already happens at Dulverton.  Probably each household would be charged something like $1.50 pw for the service.  Some community consultation will certainly be happening soon, but first we need to know more about how much it will cost so you can decide if the environmental benefits justify the cost. 

Every few years Councils across Tasmania engage a telephone consultant to call residents and ask if they will participate in a survey and answer a few questions about Council operations and services.  An independent company called EMRS has the contract and will be calling a small sample of Kentish residents.  We are always keen to hear if we are going ok or we need to pick up our act in some way so please give your honest answers.  

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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