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Mayor's Message 23 August 2016

Oops, the Claude Road and Gowrie Park Draft Land Use Strategy community meeting is this Thursday at the Claude Road Hall, 7pm not Sunday as in last weeks Mayors Message.  All welcome.

There is plenty of damage to both Council and State Growth sealed roads from the flooding in June and it would be nice to repair the damage as soon as possible.  However I am informed the bitumen seal will not take well until the ground warms up.  When that happens we will be on to it.

It is great to see the Beulah Bridge at the sawmill open, even if only temporarily.  The contracts to rebuild the Beulah Bridge and Kellys Cage Bridge have been awarded to TasSpan.  When they have completed the Kelly’s Cage Bridge they will begin work on the new Beulah Bridge.  Residents can be assured that work on the bridges is underway as concrete is formed and cast in the workshop well before on-site work begins.

The Sheffield Men’s Shed is holding their AGM Thursday August 25 at 10.30am.  All welcome, especially anyone interested in seeing what goes on each Thursday, and in-between as needed.  The Men’s Shed is growing into a great resource, and they seem to be having a lot of fun as they go.

At last week’s Council meeting, Council approved the removal of the mature eucalypts from Goliath Park near the tennis courts, making a clean slate to plant more suitable trees.  Work on the footpath through the park has commenced, with BBQ construction to start soon along with the new toilet block.  New playground equipment and a skate park are also planned to start in the coming months.

Don Thwaites, Mayor

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