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 Mayor Don Thwaites

Mayor's Message 6 December 2016

There is a planning application for the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) to secure a lease for the land that includes the free self-contained camping area at Railway Park Railton.  Council was lobbied against accepting this as it would exclude any campers who use the area who were not members of CMCA.  CMCA offered a solution last week to change their application to only use part of the area, which will allow the continued open use of the free camping area.  The changed application will come to the December meeting of Council for a decision.

Last week saw the opening of the Sheffield and Railton Community Bank branch in Sheffield.  It has taken a great deal of work to reach this point and the Board of hardworking local members who have driven the development of the branch are to be congratulated.  I believe it will be of great benefit to the whole Kentish community.

There are many people worried about the imminent closure of the Tandara Regional Health Service scheduled for 31st December due to a change in Federal Government funding.  Council and Tandara are lobbying for a review of the decision, or at least an extension of time to transition.  At the time of writing we have no idea if any similar health services might be offered for our community.  We are being kept in the dark.  Watch Councils Facebook page to follow this unfolding debacle or leave comments.  The Sheffield Medical Centre is not affected by this decision and will continue to provide great service, as will HACC services.

Happy 10th Birthday to Leanne and Paul at the Sheffield Shed – a great asset to the town.

Don Thwaites, Mayor

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