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Mayor's Message 30 June 2015

There will be a Special Meeting of Council tonight at the Council office at 7pm to receive the Long Term Financial and Asset Management Plans for Kentish.  These have been worked on for some time with a deadline of 30th June.  There will be a further special meeting next Tuesday to accept the budget for 2015-2016. 

I am looking forward to reading the recently completed Mountain Bike Plan for Kentish.  Mountain Biking is becoming increasingly popular as a way to enjoy and appreciate natural areas, and around the world Mountain Bike tourism is a huge industry.  The Plan is to be presented to a Council meeting soon, after which it will be released to the public.  I am told it is very encouraging with 18 trails planned for the area between Sheffield and Railton in the Badgers.  The trails range from novice and family tracks to difficult (terrifying!).  The report reviews potential economic benefits and detailed environmental considerations.  Watch the Council website and Facebook page for the report becoming available.

Kentish mobile phone reception around Acacia Hills and Lower Barrington could be in for a boost following the latest round of Federal Black Spot funding.  The new services will be very welcome.  During the consultation phase Council nominated Wilmot, Lorinna, Beulah, Kimberley, Paradise, Gowrie Park, Railton, Acacia Hills and Lower Barrington as locations to be considered for a new tower.  We acknowledge that our terrain is very challenging but we are one step closer now to better services right across the municipality.

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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