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Tim Wilson

Deputy Mayor's Message April 22 2014

It's a busy time in Kentish at the moment. As you read this, the nine finalists in International Mural Fest are engaged in the week-long "paint off", in which they paint the full-scale version of their finals-winning entries in Mural Park, Sheffield. The winner of the prestigious Inder Prize, and the public vote winner, will be announced this Saturday at about 3pm.

That will be one of the biggest days of the year in Kentish, as several thousand people converge on the picturesque town to see the artists at work, vote for their favourite mural, and journey across the road to one of the other big events on the annual calendar, Taste of the North-West in historic King George V Park.

The annual Taste of the North West, from 10am-4pm, features about 30 stalls featuring produce made entirely from North-West produce. It is a stunning showcase of not only the region’s great food produce, but also the creativity of locals to turn that raw produce into a world-class gourmet experience.

If that’s not enough, the Sheffield Town Hall Market, on the same day, offers fresh produce, biscuits and cakes, second-hand goods, homemade gifts, handcrafts and preserves.  

Deputy  Mayor Tim Wilson

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