Mayor's message

Mayor Don Thwaites 

Mayor's Message September 2 2014

Just a reminder that next Tuesday night at 7pm we are holding an information session for anyone interested in being a Councillor.  Indications are that several of the present Councillors will be retiring so there will be definite vacancies, and indeed the opportunity to vote in a whole new Council if that is what ratepayers want.  Please come along and see what is involved.  It will be held in the meeting room in the Council office, or at the Town Hall if numbers are too great to fit comfortably.  Please call Bronie on 64910200 to register.

Last week I attended the AGM of the Mersey Community Hospital Auxiliary.  Congratulations to all their members who raised $101,000 for purchases of equipment for the hospital and patient use. 

Community discussions recently about illegal rubbish dumping and littering have led us to hold discussions with DPIPWE about their experience using concealed cameras to capture offenders in the act.  Council will discuss this at an upcoming meeting, but there were several other benefits including the apprehension of people hooning in public areas such as the campgrounds at Kentish Park.  While on the subject of littering, I wish to express my thanks to the person(s) who recently collected the litter along Nook Rd, which was in a terrible condition.  I know one person who is not allowed to travel that way as they get too angry seeing all the litter thrown along the roadside!  Perhaps the possibility of being caught will stop people littering.

Mayor Don Thwaites

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