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 Gerald Monson GM

General Manager's Message September 16 2014

A few weeks ago senior staff and Councillors met with representatives from KEENER (Kentish Energy Efficency Network Embracing Renewables) about the benefits of Solar Panels to reduce Council’s ongoing power bills.  Council has called for a business case and is currently meeting with representatives from various supply companies. 

There is a new exhibition of artworks entitled “Out of the Ashes” at the Kentish Working Art Space in Albert St that has been touring Tasmania and is well worth seeing.  The works are from artists who were living in Tasmania’s south east when the Dunalley bushfires hit and show some graphic images of what the community went through.

Last week around 11 residents interested in finding out more about being a Councillor attended an information session at the Council office.  Thanks to the Councillors who gave their time to share what it was like to be a Councillor and answer the many questions raised.  No one left screaming before the end of the session!  We wish well to all the candidates.

Also last week Lyons MP Eric Hutchinson called a meeting of Mayors of all thirteen Councils that lie within the Lyons electorate.  Ten Mayors were able to attend and also Guy Barnett(MHA) and Mark Shelton(MHA).  The meeting is a first for Lyons and was very constructive.   Mayor Thwaites reported it is a great way for each level of Government to share the issues affecting them and communicate their views.  Full marks to Eric for organising the meeting and we hope for many more in the future.

Gerald Monson, General Manager

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