Mayor's message

 Mayor Don Thwaites

Mayor's Message November 18 2014

I wish to congratulate the Sheffield RSL for their efforts in producing the wonderful new mural commemorating the military contributions from Kentish.  The artist Damian Rossiter, has shown great insight in his artistry, featuring faces from well known local families, conflict from different eras and campaigns along with contributions from both men and women.  The garden in the foreground is also excellent, as are the street banners.  It was all funded with a Veterans Affairs centenary grant.  On behalf of Council I wish to thank the artist and all the RSL members who helped to bring this project to fruition.  

The Sheffield Road Safety Bike Park is getting a big workout lately with primary schools from all along the coast sending their Grade 3 students to learn all about road rules and how to ride their bikes safely on the roads.  It is great to see the children learning to understand road signs, markings and how to share the road safely.  The program has been funded by MAIB and is a joint initiative of Kentish and Latrobe Councils, Tas Police and the Dept of State Growth.

Tonight is the first monthly meeting of the new Council.  Judging from our first workshops we will have a very good Council, with representation from all corners of the municipality.  All Councillors were sworn in last week with family members invited along to share the occasion.  It is a big time and energy commitment asked of Councillors and the goodwill of partners and families is appreciated.

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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