Mayor's message

 Mayor Don Thwaites

Mayor's Message January 27 2015

Congratulations to the organisers of the inaugural Railton Picnic in the park held last weekend.  Kate Campbell and Cr Linda Cassidy did a great job organising entertainment and getting the park ready, and the 120+ people attending really enjoyed themselves.  A great family event.

Sadly some of the Don’t be a Tosser signs recently installed have been stolen.  They were an attempt to discourage people from littering, but have probably ended up as a trophy on a wall in a shed somewhere.  Pretty sad.  If anyone has any information on where they may have ended up, please let Chris Clark at Council know – 64910200.

Yesterday at the Australia Day service in Sheffield, the new Kentish Citizens of the Year was awarded to Geoff and Judy Creely for their huge contribution to Kentish over many years.  They are active in the Sheffield Football Club, The Hub, Sheffield Fire Brigade and Mersey Community Transport as voluntary drivers.  Thank you Geoff and Judy for all your efforts.  Other awards were the Young Citizen of the Year awarded to Madalan Page in light of her successes in Cattle Handlers locally and as a national award winner, as a public speaker in the Lions Youth of the Year awards and also her involvement with junior sport and coaching.  Congratulations to Madalan and her family for their great support of her efforts.  The event of the Year was awarded to Inspirefest, which was part of the Kentish Arts Festival.  It was the inaugural event last year and was held for disabled artists.  A truly inspiring event.

Last week some NW mayors met with the Health Minister Michael Ferguson to discuss the Green Paper on health services delivery in Tasmania.  While our present system works ok, it has a lot of problems.  The Minister has guaranteed that the Mersey Hospital will not be closed, but changes are inevitable across the whole state as they work towards providing better care for all.  I encourage the community to get involved during this information gathering period. 

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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