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Deputy Mayor's Message 27 September 2016

Sheffield as a township has seen quite a transformation over the past 30 years. This has largely been powered by the growth of tourism driven primarily by the mural project. There have recently been some public forums to think about the future of the township, where and what should come next? Council has released a draft report called “Refresh Sheffield”. We are seeking your opinion on the contents. How do you want to see Sheffield develop in the future? Download the report from Council’s website.

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There has also recently been a public meeting held to discuss the future land use opportunities including zoning for the Claude Road and Gowrie Park areas. There is a draft proposal to see some of the current land rezoned from Rural Resource to Rural Living. For those living in this part of the municipality, it is your opportunity to put forward your views on how this area should be developed in the future. The draft land use plan can be downloaded from our website or is available for viewing at the Council offices.

Did you know that Kentish has 9 councillors? Each is available to discuss any topics of interest or concern with you. Councillors come from different parts of the municipality with only one councillor living in the Sheffield township. All councillor contact details can be found on the council website:

Tim Wilson, Deputy Mayor

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