Mayor's message

 Mayor Don Thwaites

Mayor's Message 25 October 2016

Council is again offering a scholarship of $1250 for a young Kentish resident to assist them with study expenses in 2017.  Applications need to be received at Council by 18/11 and should state details of the course to be studied, and explain how the funding might help achieve their goals. Applications are available on the council website.

I recommend everyone visit the Sheffield Working Art Space in Albert St to see the latest exhibition of paintings by Fereleth Lee.  These rival the Animalia pictures by Graeme Base and can be enjoyed by all ages.  Sheffield can be very proud of these works, which will be going on tour later this year.

This Thursday evening will be the Acacia Hills community information evening, 7pm at the Lower Barrington Hall.  Local residents are invited to discuss any issues of concern.  All welcome.

It is now just one year until the Australian Masters Games will come to NW Tasmania.  Planning is underway with accommodation, sports venues and transport enquiries now starting to come in.  Lake Barrington will be the focus of much of the activities in Kentish, but we may also have a role in hosting other field sports or shooting, depending on numbers of participants.

Next month is Asbestos Awareness Month and Council is including links on our website to the safety and awareness campaign.  Kentish residents living in a home or who have a shed with asbestos are urged to take all safety precautions when dealing with the material.  Removal of asbestos material will always present dangers and is best left to professionals, as special arrangements have to be made to dispose directly to the Dulverton landfill.  Kentish Transfer Stations cannot accept asbestos containing materials.

Don Thwaites, Mayor

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