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Mayor Don Thwaites 

Mayor's Message August 26 2014

Congratulations to Barrington’s Madalan Page for her wonderful award of Junior Cattle Handler National Champion of Champions, which was presented at the Royal Brisbane Show.  And also congratulations to Beulah’s Chelsea Rayner who was placed second in the National Junior Beef Judging Championships, also at the Brisbane Show.  We can all be proud of the Sheffield School Junior Cattle Handlers volunteers and teachers.  The training they give our young people is exceptionally good in preparing them for careers in agriculture.

Thanks to all who joined in the Sheffield Town Hall Centenary celebrations last week, and made the day a great success.  One more successful event in the hall’s history!   I was impressed with the students from Sheffield and Wilmot schools who toured the hall, asking lots of great questions and showing great interest.

Last August four sections of roads around Kentish experienced subsidence owing to very wet conditions, with full damage estimated to be worth around $1M to repair.  Spellmans Road has been completed and is back in action for a few months already, but we have been waiting on engineering repair options for Browns Road and both sections of Sunnyside Road.  These have now been proposed and work will be called for repairs this summer when it is expected that the ground will be drier deep down.

The streetworks in Sheffield are now back on track, with concrete kerbs now in place, stormwater pits and underground pipes and services laid.  It is messy now but will soon be completed. 

Mayor Don Thwaites

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