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Mayor's Message 1 December 2015

The Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) have a Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods online newsletter.  The theme for this edition is being bushfire-ready and in this edition they discuss, among other things, planning to leave early.  To view the newsletter go to

Unfortunately the Sheffield streetscape development planning weekend has been deferred until the first weekend in February as several key people were not available until then.  My apologies to anyone adversely affected by the decision to postpone it.

Last week’s Lions Club Fashion parade was a big hit at the Sheffield Town Hall, with 14 local models showing off women’s costumes from 1860 up to the 1980’s.  In front of an audience of just over 100 people around 80 different wow outfits from a private collection were modelled.  I thought I would not be very interested and most of the men there would be the same, but we all changed our tune by the end.  Congratulations to Catriona Roberts for a great event, which raised over $2100 for building birthing shelters in New Guinea.

The decision to relocate Appin Hall from Erriba to Victoria has come as a shock, but Council does not see that electromagnetic emissions from the proposed NBN tower adjacent the Appin Hall land is a problem.  Generally speaking the wider public have accepted the risk of emissions from similar sources and have no concerns with mobile and portable phones, wi-fi, radio and tv.  However we wish Maggie and Ronnie Burns well in their new chosen location in Victoria. 

Cr Don Thwaites, Mayor

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