Wilmot Mailbox

Visit Wilmot and take an alternate route along the C132 to or from Cradle Mountain. Known locally as the Valley of Views, the winding roads around Wilmot offer the best panoramic outlooks over Cradle Country. Wilmot lies to the west of  Lake Barrington and has traditionally been used for dairying and growing potatoes. Originally, Wilmot supplied all the seed potatoes used in southern Australia.  Visitors can enjoy the stunning hinterland scenery and the quirky Novelty Letterbox Trail.

Wilmot Hills Winery has produced award winning wines being reknowned as the highest altitude vineyard in Tasmania. The Old Wilmot Bakehouse uses the original wood fired over, built in the late 1890s to bake a delicious variety of bread and pastries. Whilst visiting Wilmot, why not step back in time and view the history of  Wilmot at the Wilmot Museum.

Wilmot’s General Store, the first G. J. Coles General Store was located in Wilmot until it was burnt down in early 2014. The destruction of the store was a tragic loss for the community, as it was more than just a general store, but a meeting hub for the community. Currently a temporary store is on site providing fuel and basic supplies for local residents. 

The GPS coordinates for Wilmot are: Latitude 41 23' S [Decimal Degrees -41.387 ] Longitude 146 10' E [Decimal Degrees 146.176 ]. Click here to view the location of Wilmot on Google Maps.

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