Mount Roland Precinct Reports

Mount Roland Blueprint for Development

"The Mt Roland: Developing a Destination Study" was commissioned to develop a tourism strategy for the Mt Roland precinct, identify experience strengths and gaps, as well as opportunities for viable development that would be consistent with the area’s natural and cultural value.  The overarching goal was to increase visitation to the Mt Roland area and to start positioning Mt Roland as a ‘must see’ destination.
The Mt Roland study was initiated and sponsored by a steering committee comprised of representatives from Kentish Council, Cradle Coast Authority, Tourism Tasmania, Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management and the Parks and Wildlife Service.
It was prepared by the University of Tasmania Institute for Regional Development.
The Study established a vision for the precinct, priorities for development and a process for implementation - recognising the economic, social and environmental benefits of tourism.
"The Mt Roland Blueprint for Development" report is the result of a recommendation from the Mt Roland: Developing a Destination Study to develop a strategic plan for the Mt Roland precinct.  The report outlines the principles for development, potential locations and regulatory parameters particularly in the areas of adventure tourism, recreational camping and accommodation, mountain bike trails and circuits, walking trails and lookouts and look-ats.
The report will form the basis for Council to seek funds for development on and around Mt Roland. Any proposed development would need to consider the community values, community opinions and the environmental footprint it may leave.  Before any development takes place the proponent would need to undertake further consultation with the community.

Download PDF reports below.

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