Road Safety

Community Road Safety Partnerships (CRSP) is a "grassroots" road safety program coordinated by the Department of State Growth. Kentish Council has been participating in the program since 2004, with the Latrobe Council forming a joint committee through the resource sharing agreement in 2011.

The committee has representatives from; emergency services, council, road safety, school bus drivers, and the community that discuss road safety matters in the region and undertake localised campaigns. Over the years the committee has developed and delivered a number of these campaigns aimed at encouraging safe driving behaviours.

Motorcycle Safety

Each year, thousands of motorcyclists converge on Kentish to enjoy the magnificent landscapes and ride the winding roads. To educate motorcyclist on the unique hazards present in the area, the partnership develop the Ride Kentish Safely brochure. A copy can be downloaded on the link below.

Ride Kentish Safely

School Bus Safety

School bus safety is an important matter, being a rural area many of Kentish’s students commute on school buses each day. Over the years the partnership has undertaken campaigns to raises awareness of the law regarding school buses, and conducted sessions with students on how to behave safely on and around the bus at bus stops. Below is a  handout provided to students reinforcing the bus safety message.

School Bus Safety

Kentish Road Safety Bike Park

One of the major achievements of the partnership was the construction of a road safety bike park in June 2012. Located at the Kentish Health Centre (7 Henry Street, Sheffield), the park simulates real life road conditions for children, encouraging them to learn and abide by the road rules. It is expected that once these children grow up, they will have a good basis of knowledge of the road rules.  

During 2014, a bike and traffic education program funded by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board was delivered in partnership with Tasmanian Police, the Department of State Growth and the CRSP committee. During the project, over 500 students in year 3 from schools located in the Kentish, Latrobe and Devonport municipalities participated in bike and traffic safety sessions.

Horse Rider Road Safety

During 2013, it was highlighted just how many horses ride on Kentish Roads. With the passionate involvement from local riders, the committee undertook a project to implement a number of measures to improve the safety for riders. These measures incorporated the installation of signage in key locations around the Kentish municipality to make motorists aware of the presence of riders, and the development of an informational brochure for both motorists and riders. 

Horse Rider Road Safety Brochure

Click here to see the Horse Rider Road Safety video

Factor the Tractor

During the first half of 2016, Council is delivering a campaign to increase the awareness of agricultural machinery on local roads. Kentish is a rural area with many primary production businesses and this see large harvesters, tractors and other agricultural mahcinery on our roads. 

The campaign includes radio advertising, print media and display of the variable message sign throughout the Kentish and Latrobe areas. 

See us Safely

Tourism is a key economic driver for both the Kentish and Latrobe municipalities, with thousands of interstate and international tourists visiting each year. The Community Road Safety Committee would like them to enjoy their time here without the consequences of a car crash. Using the variable message sign, radio advertising, the campaign encourages tourists to 'See us Safely' and enjoy their visit. 


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