Holiday Here Postcards

29th July 2020
Free holiday here postcards campaign to support Kentish businesses.


Kentish Council has launched a series of free Holiday Here postcards encouraging residents to promote reasons to visit the region to their family and friends.

Five vibrant and eye-catching versions of the postcard have been released showcasing the breadth of offerings across Kentish, including nature, art, heritage, adventure, and produce. The postcards picture striking imagery of Sheffield, Railton, Wilmot, Cradle Mountain and Mount Roland.

‘There is a lot of marketing encouraging Tasmanians to travel at the moment,’ said Mayor Tim Wilson ‘We need to sustain visitation beyond these school holidays and into the months to come.’

‘There is nothing like receiving personalised post – a letter, a package, a postcard – so we jumped at the opportunity to get behind this grassroots idea that came from the community,’ Tim enthused.

This activity also aims to capitalise on one of the main reasons people travel – to visit friends and family.

Council is leveraging awareness already being generated by marketing from Tourism Tasmania and the regional tourism organisation, West by North West.

Council will further promote this message through social media.

Operators can get involved with their own advertising to leverage these activities.

The free postcards will be distributed with supporting information about the purpose of the campaign and some inspiration for people to include in their personalised messages.

The postcards includes contact details for the Sheffield Visitor Information Centre website

The postcards will be available at the following locations:

  • Kentish Council, 69 High St Sheffield - Open 8.00am to 4.30pm weekdays
  • Sheffield Visitor Information Centre, 5 Pioneer Crescent Sheffield - open 10am to 2.00pm 7 days
  • Sheffield Shed, 61 Main St, Sheffield TAS 7306
  • Fudge'n'Good Coffee, 47 Main St Sheffield
  • Shell – Railton Motor & Tyre Service, 26 Foster St, Railton
  • Railton Neighbourhood Centre, 8 Foster St, Railton
  • Wilmot General Store, 64 Main St Wilmot
  • Wilmot Museum, 67 Main St Wilmot