Mayors Message 25 November 2020

25th November 2020
A Message from Mayor Tim Wilson on the latest happenings at Council and within Kentish


Hello everyone

How are your electricity bills? Getting higher? Do you ever wonder what devices in your home are chewing up the most electricity? It can be pretty hard to work that out. Council can help.  We have a home energy audit kit that will allow you to monitor specific devices in your house to see how much electricity they are using. A second-hand fridge can be a real trap using lots of electricity and sending your bills up. So if you want to manage your electricity you need to be able to monitor it. Call in at the council office to borrow the kit and hopefully start to see your electricity bills drop.

As we enter the final month of 2020 it is important to reflect on how the COVID-19 has impacted our lives.  While Tasmania did not experience a lockdown period as lengthy as some mainland States, we did get to feel comfort in our remoteness as we reached zero cases and lived life in the “new normal.”  The re-opening of borders disrupted our sense of safety, even prompting some to stay home for fear of the virus from travellers.  As a community we can work together to mitigate risks and remain on top of COVID:

  1. Wash hands / use sanitizer
  2. Practice social distancing
  3. Stay home if unwell
  4. COVID Symptoms?  Get tested
  5. Follow current restrictions

Local business owners have followed COVID Safe protocols to ensure your safety, it’s time to support them in return.

This weekend the Kentish Garden Club will hold GardenFest, opening six gardens in the Kentish to the public. This is an opportunity to view some of the spectacular private gardens in our region. Tickets, including a garden trail map, will be sold over the weekend from The Epicurean CafĂ© in Main St Sheffield.

I have never seen this level of development going on in Kentish at one time. We have streetscape works in Sheffield and Wilmot. We have a beautification project underway at Hopes Mill Corner. We also have new car parking being developed on High Street in Sheffield. The previous Kentish senior-citizen's building is being transformed into an art centre with work just commencing. There will be dust and inconvenience throughout these works with much of it unavoidable. Hopefully the short-term pain will give way to long-term gain for our community.

Warm regards, Tim

Mayor Tim Wilson