Mayors Message 14 July 2020

14th July 2020
A Message from Mayor Tim Wilson on the latest happenings at Council and within Kentish


Hello everyone

Council is encouraging local residents to show their support for small businesses in our communities with the release of the Go Local First campaign by COSBOA. Go Local First encourages us to look locally first  when we are purchasing products and services. To be part of the campaign visit

I am pleased to see the long awaited Wilmot Streetscape and Sheffield Main Street Upgrade Projects are underway. The Projects will make a considerable difference to the feel of both Wilmot and Sheffield. I offer my thanks to the members of the community who worked with Council in pushing these projects forward. There will be inconveniences as this work is completed. The pain will bring gain.

The Kentish Council Small and Large Grant Rounds are now open. This round will focus on the communities recovery from COVID-19 and includes a Business Recovery and Event Assistance grant. For more information visit or contact Council on 6491 0200.

This month is Plastic Free July. Join millions of like-minded people helping to reduce plastic waste. For more information visit for more information and helpful tips. You can view Council’s Towards Zero Waste Event Waste Policy on the website Have you tried using a wooden toothbrush?

Remember, if you are not feeling OK or these sudden changes have made life tough, you are not alone. Contact A Tasmanian Lifeline 1800 98 44 34 for help or a chat. How life has changed.

A community Tree Planting meeting was recently held in Railton. There was strong support from locals at the meeting to see trees planted in the township. The committee have a budget of $25,000 and planting will start in August.

Mayor Tim Wilson