Mayors Message 7 April 2020

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8th April 2020


Hello everyone

Things feel uncertain at the moment. Many of us are used to planning out our days and weeks with a fair level of certainty. That has been taken away for a time. Planning day to day is probably the best we can do.

Please head to as your single source of truth on the matter of the virus in Tasmania. Social media can be a risky business if it is your only source for information on the virus. There is now an app available for your smartphone to keep you updated on the Federal governments response to COVID-19. Head to your app store and download it.

Kentish Council held a forum last night. We did it online using Microsoft Skype. There were 14 participants and I think it went pretty well. This was a test run as we prepare for our first Council meeting online on April 21. The meeting will be recorded and available for the public. If you have any questions that you would like addressed please contact the Council on 64910200 or email by 3pm on the day of the meeting. We are working out ways to allow public participation in the meetings. Baby steps.

The closing of businesses because of the virus has been devastating for many. Tasmania was in a boom time economically before the virus struck. We are in for a long and hard winter unfortunately. As community people, the Council is well aware of the suffering in the community and will do our best to assist. We will do our best to ease the financial on burden on residents into the new financial year.

I ask you to stay home as a priority over the Easter break and only go out for essential services. As the Premier has stated, this is not a drill or a game. The North West Coast has become the hotspot for outbreaks in Tasmania. This is not good. We do not want to see Kentish become a centre for virus infections.

On other news, Council's Development Application to build a new access into Lorinna has been upheld at a recent appeal. This is good news for Council. Hopefully we will see construction this coming Summer. As has always been the case, some will be excited and some will be unhappy with this. This has gone on for far too long.

The Kentish Council office has solar panels installed. Lots of them. If you are interested, you can track how much power they are producing. Head to the following link:

It will be a different Easter for us all. I hope it is still a time you can enjoy this year. The Autumn days can be beautiful.

Mayor Tim Wilson

Mayor Tim Wilson