COVID-19 Community Recovery and Care Package

COVID-19 Community Recovery and Care Package

During the last few weeks, we have taken several steps and precautions to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. This has included closing a number of our Council managed and owned facilities, closing our Council offices and depots to the public, and reducing access to some of our public facilities (including public toilets and playgrounds), in support of the directives issued by the Tasmanian Government.

Council has recently resolved to support and endorse a Community Recovery and Care Package aimed at reducing the financial burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes supporting the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) COVIDÔÇÉ19 Community Recovery Package.  Council has recently adopted a number of initiatives including:

- a Financial Hardship Policy

- refocussed annual Community Grants

- new business recovery and event reimbursement grants; and

- created a COVID-19 Recovery Action Committee.

The situation is changing daily, and we are continuously monitoring it to ensure that we can provide a safe community for everyone within Kentish.

Councillors, management and staff thank you for your continued support and cooperation in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial Assistance Hardship Policy

Council adopted a Financial Assistance Hardship Policy to assist ratepayers who are experiencing genuine and serious financial hardship to receive relief from rates.

Kentish Council Financial Assistance Hardship Policy

Kentish Council Financial Assistance Hardship Application Form

Kentish COVID-19 Recovery Action Committee

Council has established the Kentish COVID-19 Recovery Action Committee to assist the community recover, both socially and economically, from coronavirus.

The Committee brings together Council, community representatives, service providers and local business to collectively identify areas impacted by the pandemic and develop strategies to assist in recovery.  Whilst times have been challenging, it is vital that recovery is designed in partnership with the local community.

Kentish COVID-19 Recovery Action Committee representatives are a broad cross section of sectors and industries which will assist the Municipality through the recovery process in partnership with the community.

Residents are encouraged to contact a committee representative via their listed number to discuss issues that may be occurring in the wider community.

Mayor (Kentish Council)Mayor Tim Wilson0438 912 280
Municipal Recovery Coordinator (Kentish Council)Darrin Cunningham6491 0200
Deputy Recovery Coordinator (Kentish Council)Carolyn Rimmer6491 0200
Deputy Recovery Coordinator (Kentish Council)Bronie Furley6491 0200
Community Development Officer (Kentish Council)Leigh Gracie6491 0200
Kentish Economic Development Committee Chair (Kentish Council)Cr Kate Haberle0439 911 649
Kentish Lions ClubElaine Deverell0409 521 685
U3AJennifer Braid0400 376 937
Wilmot RepresentativeWendy Charleston6492 1479
Health Service ProviderCassandra (Kentish House)0447 325 343
Claude Road RepresentativeKim Johnson / Jill Ridgway0419 712 421
Church RepresentativeBrain Baker0409 016 529
Railton RepresentativeAllison Hicks0428 961 867
Sheffield SchoolCatrina Davies6491 8222
Sheffield/Railton Community BankGrant Astell0400 997 464
Business RepresentativeGrant Crawford6491 1130
Farming RepresentativeBrett Ford