Flood Recovery


When an emergency impacts you and your community, TasRECOVERY will assist in connecting you with the support, advice and services you need.

Information on TasRECOVERY can be found here (https://alert.tas.gov.au/recovery/)

General Flood Recovery Information

Floods Fact Sheet

Be careful when you enter properties after floods. Floods leave behind many hazards. Check with local emergency services whether you can safely return home. Read the Fact Sheet here.

Repairing your home after a flood

The CBOS Fact Sheet provides advice on repairing your home after a flood to ensure safety and protection.

Floods and Farming Properties

The Department of Natural Resources provides some answers to Frequently Asked Questions for rural properties affected by flood on its website.

Mould in your home

Please be aware that with flood waters comes the possibility of mould. The Mould Fact Sheet provides more information.

Salvaging after floods

Large amounts of debris can be left behind once flood water has receded. If you are considering salvaging anything from either Crown Land or Private Property, there are a number of regulations you must adhere to. You can find more information on the NRE website.

Legal Aid

The Legal Aid Fact Sheet is designed to help Tasmanians with some of the issues they may face when their property has been damaged by flooding.

Need to talk?

Personal, confidential support is available for those affected by the recent severe weather event. Please phone 0476 881 877.  More information is available in the brochure.