Kentish Council manages an extensive urban stormwater system within the Sheffield and Railton townships. In urban environments stormwater systems have developed over time in response to community needs.  The Urban Drainage Act 2013 (the Act), defines stormwater: stormwater means run-off water that has been concentrated by means of a drain, surface channel, subsoil drain or formed surface.

Council’s system comprises:

  • Open waterways within, and that form part of, the urban stormwater system;
  • Enclosed systems including pipes and box culverts;
  • Pits for the capture and conveyance of stormwater;
  • Creek and stream outfalls; and any
  • Detention systems, pollutant traps and other such screening devices.

Outside of the urban area, Councils role in stormwater management relates primarily to roadside drainage and providing a passage for natural stream and overland flows, where roads intercept natural drainage paths.

Kentish Council has developed a Stormwater System Management Plan in accordance with the Urban Drainage Act 2013.