Kennel Licencing

Kennel Licencing

The Dog Control Act requires that:


  • A person who wishes to keep more than two dogs (or in case of working dogs more than 4 dogs) on any premises must hold a kennel licence issued by the General Manager for the municipality in which the dogs are to be kept.
  • A Notice of Intention must be placed in a daily local newspaper
  • The advertisement shall be similar to that shown on the form.
  • An Application for a Kennel Licence must be lodged along with the appropriate fee ($81.50) at the Kentish Council or a Service Tasmanian shop.
  • Council’s Environmental Health Officer or Animal Control Officer may undertake an inspection of the property.
  • A Kennel Licence may be issued with conditions and is for a set number and breed of dogs.
  • Licences are required to be renewed annually (renewal fee $38.50).

For application forms and more information download the Kennel Licence Information Package

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