Community Hall Hire

There are a number of Community Halls available for hire through-out Kentish.  A list of facilities for hire and associated booking contact information is provided below.

HallMax. No PersonsHall AddressBooking Contact
Barrington Hall10054 Barrington Road, Barrington0401 721 822
Beulah Hall1002 Daveys Road, Beulah6491 1584
Lower Barrington Hall801100 Sheffield Road, Lower Barrington6492 3084
Claude Road Hall100787 Claude Road, Claude Road0488 631 922
Community Rooms High Street, Sheffield6491 0200
Railton Kings Hall1003 King Street, Railton6496 1206
Railton Recreation and Community Hall10027 Giblin Street, Railton6496 1206
Sheffield Town Hall300High Street, Sheffield6491 0200
Wilmot Hall100Main Street, Wilmot0439 635 882

Click here to access the Community Hall Hire Booking Form (required for Council owned buildings)