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  • Mayors Message 19 November 2019

    19th November 2019
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    Latest News. 19th November 2019. Today is International Men’s Day. This year’s theme is “Making a difference for Men and Boys”, which offers us the opportunity to celebrate men and boys. Are there any men or boys in your life that you can
  • Council Closure - Devonport Show Holiday

    18th November 2019
    18th November 2019.
  • Reminder - Microchip Your Pets

    15th November 2019
    15th November 2019. REMINDER - MICROCHIP YOUR PET. Microchipping your pet cat very important. If your pet becomes lost then you are far more likely to become reunited if they have been microchipped. In Tasmania it is the law that all dogs over 6
  • Expression of Interest for the Sheffield Recreation Ground Advisory Committee

    13th November 2019
    13th November 2019. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST FOR THE SHEFFIELD RECREATION PRECINCT ADVISORY COMMITTEE. The Sheffield Recreation Precinct Advisory Committee is a Committee of Council that oversees the management of the precinct for the use, enjoyment
  • Factor the Tractor

    1st November 2019
    1st November 2019. It’s approaching the harvesting season in much of the North West Coast, and this means slow moving tractors, crop harvesters and more heavy machinery on our roads particularly in rural areas. Both Kentish and Latrobe have
  • Fire Permits Required Statewide

    30th October 2019
    30th October 2019. Fire permits will be required state wide from  2am Thursday, 31 October 2019 for anyone wishing to burn on their property. Tasmanian Fire Service Permit Officers issue permits with clear conditions to ensure any burn is conducted
  • Recreation Day Public Holiday

    29th October 2019
    29th October 2019. Council Offices will be closed for the Recreation Day public holiday on Monday, 4 November 2019.
  • Slow down for road workers.

    23rd October 2019
    23rd October 2019. The My Daddy (or Mummy) Works Here road safety awareness stickers have been released on vehicles across Kentish and Latrobe Councils by the Community Road Safety Committee. The My Daddy (or Mummy) Works Here project aims to
  • Fuel Reduction Burn - Railton

    21st October 2019
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    Latest News. 21st October 2019. Tasmania Fire Service will be conducting a fuel reduction burn (weather permitting) on Tuesday 22nd October at Railton, as part of the state-wide Fuel Reduction Program which is aimed at reducing the bushfire risk to
  • Facebook Community Boost Training

    20th October 2019
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    Latest News. 20th October 2019. Facebook will be hosting Community Boost social media training at Providore Place, Devonport on Friday, 1 November 2019. One on one coaching opportunities are available. For further information please follow the link.