Property rates are Council's principle revenue source. Valuations provided by the Valuer-General are used to calculate the rates on each property.

Collection of Council's rates is essential to the funding of services and capital works. To encourage this, Council offers a discount on current rates where rates are paid in full by the first installment due date.

Rate Installment Dates

Important note: The rates for the 2020/21 financial year have been delayed and will be released by the end of August 2020.

You may choose to pay your rates in full on or before the first installment date, or by four installments.

  • Installment 1 - 30 September 2020
  • Installment 2 - 31 October 2020
  • Installment 3 - 28 February 2021
  • Installment 4 - 30 April 2021

Pay Your Rates

Please click here to pay your rates.  Please note that by clicking on this link you will leave our website.

Any ratepayers who are experiencing genuine difficulties in meeting these dates can apply for alternative payment arrangements by contacting Council's Rates Officer or completing and submitting the following form Application for Rates Arrangement.

How Your Rates Are Calculated

Further information on how rates are calculated and a guide to council services are available for download:

2020/21 Rates Resolution

Guide to Rates Calculation

Guide to Services

Pensioner Rate Remission

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 , a ratepayer may apply to council for remission of all or part of the rates paid or payable. To be entitled to apply, the Local Government (Rates and Charges Remissions) Act 1991 , requires that a ratepayer must be an eligible pensioner and must occupy the property as his or her principle dwelling on or prior to 1 July of the rating year. To be an eligible pensioner you must have:

  • A Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card, or
  • A Department of Veteran’s Affairs Repatriation Health ‘Gold Card’ which bears the inscription ‘War Widow/Widower DVA’ or ‘TPI’, or
  • Health Care Card Holders – Australian Government

Possession of an Australian Government Seniors Health Card does not qualify the holder to a rate remission.

Please complete the Application for Pensioner Rates Remission form and submit it to Council by email, post or in person.

Financial Hardship Assistance

Council adopted a Financial Assistance Hardship Policy to assist ratepayers who are experiencing genuine and serious financial hardship to receive relief from rates.

Kentish Council Financial Hardship Assistance Policy

Kentish Council Application for Financial Hardship Assistance

Change of Address

Please complete the online change of address form OR the attached Change of Postal Address form and return it by:

  • Email: council@kentish.tas.gov.au
  • Post: PO Box 63, Sheffield TAS 7306
  • In Person: 69 High Street, Sheffield