Economic Development

Kentish Council has developed an Economic Development Strategy that will guide the council’s economic development actions in the years 2014-19.

The Economic Strategy comprises nine documents:
Document 1 Kentish Economic Profile – a backgrounding document that provides a snapshot of the Kentish economy in 2013. This provides the data on the assets, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the Kentish economy.

Document 2 Kentish Economic Development Strategy (general) – this document presents the general activities to be undertaken across the whole Kentish economy.

Documents 3-5 – During the analysis process in the development of this Strategy, three priority economic zones were identified as requiring specific economic strategies, due to depressed economic conditions or the presence of unusual characteristics that require a specific economic focus. Thus, specific economic strategies have been developed for Railton, Wilmot and Lorinna.

Documents 6-8 – Three priority industries were also identified as requiring a specific plan due to their particular importance as drivers in the Kentish economy. These are agriculture, tourism and retail. Specific economic strategies were therefore created for these industries to ensure they remain key drivers of the Kentish economy.