Economic Development

Economic Development Strategy 2020 - 2025


Kentish Council has commenced work on our future economic development strategy. This strategy will guide the council’s economic development actions from 2020 to 2025.

As COVID-19 will have a considerable impact on the economy for months to come, our coronavirus recovery plans will shape the development of this strategy in addition to broader vision considerations.

Feedback is welcomed at any time to council’s Economic and Tourism Development Officer, Hannah Allwood. Feedback will also be sort through an online community and business survey coming soon and through the public comment stage of the strategy anticipated for later this year.

Council aims to have the new Strategy finalised by the end 2020.

The previous Kentish Economic Development Strategy 2014-2019, including an economic profile and associated documents, is still available for reference and can be downloaded here: Kentish Economic Development Strategy 2014 - 2019