Living Next Door to a Farmer

Living Next Door to a Farmer

Promoting good neighbourly relations

The Living Next Door to a Farmer campaign was created by the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) and commenced in 2019.

The project objective is to educate and engage the community, with the aim to foster good neighbourly relations between farmers and residents in new and existing peri-urban locations.

Life in a rural community can be a very rewarding and beneficial lifestyle once farming activities are understood.  If you are planning a move into a rural community, or indeed are already living in a rural location, it helps to do some investigation within the location before moving.  Remember some farming practices are seasonal, so even a roadside inspection may not reveal all aspects of what occurs on a neighbouring farm, especially if you visit out of season.

As part of the campaign a booklet was created which includes information about farming such as biosecurity, cat management and dog control, fencing, firearms, seasonal farming practices, property management planning, property management (including vegetation, burning off, fire hazard management, feral pests, invasive animals, noise and wildlife), right to farm, stock management, waterway management and weed management.

The project is managed by the TFGA, proudly funded by the Tasmanian Government and support by Local Government Association Tasmania (LGAT) and Real Estate Institute of Tasmania (REIT).

You can access the booklet online or collect a hard-copy from the Council Office.