Animal Control

Dog Ownership

Dogs are great companion and working animals, but owning one mean you have particular responsibilities, both to your pet and also to the general public.

To ensure dogs are not a nuisance to the community and other animals, owners are required to make sure that they comply with Council's policies and the Dog Control Act 2000.

The Council's Dog Management Policy contain information on:

  • Dog Registration requirements
  • Fee reduction/reimbursement
  • Replacement of lost tags
  • Off-leash exercise areas
  • Mandatory on-leash areas
  • Restricted areas
  • Micro-chipping
  • Dangerous/Restricted/Nuisance Dogs
  • Kennel Licencing

Cat Ownership

Council does not currently have a policy regarding cat management.

Click here for further information regarding cat ownership.

Inside with Cats

A collaboration project that introduces six cats (along with their humans), who are embracing life on the inside.  Inside with Cats is not just about containing cats inside a house, it also explores the various options owners have used for outdoor enclosures or walking harnesses, and how they keep their cats safe, happy and healthy.  Click here for further information.

Animals in Emergencies

For information about Animals in Emergencies click here

Found a Stray Dog or Cat?

What do I do if I have found or trapped a stray or feral cat?

Stray or feral cats that have been found or trapped around your home on private land, including rural and remote areas, can be returned to their owner or taken to the closest Cat Management Facility (the RSPCA).

Landowners and primary producers may trap, seize or humanely destroy any cat found on rural land where livestock are grazed, or other private land that is more than 1km from a residence.

Alternatively, feral cats can be taken to your local vet to be humanely destroyed. Please be aware that this may incur a fee with some vets. For more information on feral cats in Tasmania please visit

What do I do if I have found or trapped a stray dog?

If a stray dog is detained and secured on your property, our Animal Control Officer will collect the dog. If the dog is registered and microchipped, they will take reasonable steps to return the dog to the owner.

If the dog is unregistered, a repeat offender or the owner of the dog is not at home, then the dog will be taken to the pound.

For the address of your closest RSPCA Animal Care Centre or related organisation visit