Council Meetings Agendas & Minutes


Notice is hereby given, that due to the current COVID-19 crisis and associated restrictions, Kentish Council meetings will be held remotely by teleconference until further notice.

Meetings will not be open to public attendance, however audio recording of Council meetings will be made available after each meeting.

The agenda will be available for perusal on the Kentish Council’s website.

Members of the public who would like to ask questions to the Council, that would normally have been heard during the Public Participation section of the meeting agenda, will need to provide their question on notice to the General Manager by 4.30pm on the Friday before each meeting, by emailing or post to PO Box 63, Sheffield Tas 7306.

2020 Council Meeting Dates

  • January 21st 7pm
  • February 18th 7pm
  • March 17th 7pm
  • April 21st 7pm
  • May 19th 7pm
  • June 16th 7pm
  • July 21st 7pm
  • August 18th 7pm
  • September 15th 7pm
  • October 20th 7pm
  • November 17th 7pm
  • Annual General Meeting -TBC
  • December 15th 7pm

Please note: Council occasionally meets at venues throughout the district.

If you are planning to attend please check with Council for meeting venue.

Ph 6491 0200 or email

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