Mayors Message 12 March 2020

12th March 2020
A message from Mayor Tim Wilson

Mayor Tim Wilson

Mayor's Message -  12 March 2020

It is time to take a breather. Last weekend was huge around the Sheffield area. The weather was kind with SteamFest, Kentish Rodeo and Taste of the North West bringing in large crowds. We can all be proud of all the volunteers who made these events happen. The mountain was a picture and Sheffield was bursting at the seams. We will have a few weeks reprieve then we build up to MuralFest.

There are currently 3 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Tasmania. Visit the Tasmanian Department of Health for authoritative information on this disease. Be aware of what the common symptoms are: fever, sore throat, coughing and fatigue.  This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Tonight this week at 7pm. Council will be holding our six monthly meeting for Acacia Hills residents. The meeting will take place at the Lower Barrington Hall. These are fairly informal gatherings with Kentish Councillors and some staff available to discuss topics of interest to residents. You are welcome.

What should Kentish Council be spending your (and mine) rates on? Council has started the budget process for the 20/21 financial year. You are invited to submit your ideas for new projects. Send and email to Your idea will be considered.

Tim Wilson  MAYOR